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We are home to gourmet Biltong.  Our slabs of jerky exist to remind you one thing:  EAT LIKE A KING.  And how does royalty feast?  With an all-natural product.  A strip of pure beef with a lifespan of three plus years.  The type of food that is NOT a snack, but a meal waiting at your fingertips.  Biltong is a rush of sensations for your taste buds, mind and soul.  Let it be known, New York Biltong is the King of good eatin’!

New York Biltong is proud to introduce a line of healthy beef jerky that will make your entire being salivate with joy. Our secret sauce rests in our gourmet slabs of Biltong. We promise when you buy Biltong and try even a small slice of our beef, you’ll never look at meals the same way again.